Artificial Grass Activities For Kids

With the aim of supporting families during this difficult time and following the announcement of an extended period of lockdown, Namgrass – the UK’s leading artificial grass company, are donating grass “offcuts” to families nationwide to create anything from cheerful turf bunting to indoor miniature gardens perfect for inspiring indoor and outdoor activity.

Simply email with your full name and address to claim a sample of turf which will be safely delivered directly to your door.

Below Namgrass has compiled a few fun indoor ideas to help you and the kids get arty using your free sample:

Putt & Go

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Host an indoor mini golf ‘par-tee’ and make yourself a putt and go for home! All you’ll need is a Namgrass offcut, scissors to cut out a putting hole, table tennis ball (or something similar) and a club – we think an old broom or mop-end works best!

For those up for an even bigger challenge, why not use an old cardboard box and make the children a ramp or tunnel?

Hop, Hop, Hopscotch

 Get their daily exercise in and make them a playful hopscotch board. All you’ll need is a set of chalks to mark out your squares from one to eight. You could even get a little ‘Joe wicks’ on them and ask them to do a task at every number they land on.

How about ‘complete ten star jumps and make mum a cup of tea’

Beautiful bunting

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Brighten up a room of your choice and make decorative bunting using Namgrass’ samples -perfect ahead of the summer sun.

Again, all you’ll need is an offcut, scissors, glue and some string. Simply cut the offcuts into a shape of your choice (traditionally a triangle), glue together the shapes so it’s now double sided and thread the string to attach it all together.

Easy and fun to make!

Indoor miniature garden

Using a sample from Namgrass why not make a mini indoor garden for the children to look after. You could even pot mini plants using old egg boxes or create a water feature using a mini bowl and straw!

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