Kids Will Love This: How To Decorate a Bedroom Like Hogwarts

Hogwarts, for most of us, is more than just a book or a movie series. It’s an amazing world filled with our favorite characters. It’s about magic, friendship, and growing up. While we can’t magically transport ourselves to J.K. Rowling’s world of wizards and witchcraft, we can bring elements of it into our homes.

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If your kids are big Potterheads, it’s time they hold tight to their hippogriffs because we’re coming through with the most amazing Hogwarts-themed bedroom decor guide known to muggles.

Before you let your children know about this decorating project, let them take the Harry Potter House Quiz so they can find out which house they’d be in at Hogwarts.

Give Your Walls a Hogwarts Vibe

Sure, you can skip this step and jump right into purchasing Harry Potter-themed items and replicas, but if you want to recreate Harry Potter’s magical vibe, paint the walls. 

Start with a light gray base and add fine details to it using shades of brown, moss green, and gray to give it an aged appearance. You can also hang a poster of a Marauder’s map on the wall to give it a creative and authentic feel.

Dress Up the Bed

The witches and wizards in Harry Potter slept on canopy beds draped with curtains for privacy. You can achieve the same look by attaching PVC pipes to the four corners of the bed with a curtain or a hanging fabric.

Level up and use Harry Potter-themed bedsheets, bedcovers, and pillows. You can customize the fabric with the colors of the house that the sorting hat (read: the sorting website) has chosen for them.

Convert the Mirror into the Mirror of Erised

Ever wondered which of your heart’s desires will be reflected in the Mirror of Erised? Let’s find out.

Add fine details and an elaborate frame with touches of gold and bronze to the mirror in your kids’ bedroom. The bigger the mirror, the better. Make sure to cover the mirror to protect it before you start painting. 

Granted, your kid will only be able to see their reflection in the mirror but it still adds to the magical appeal of the room.

Use a Trunk to Keep Belongings

Students (and teachers) at Hogwarts live from trunk to trunk. Harry even carries it back home. Instead of a bedroom bench in front of their bed, why not use a trunk? If you don’t have one, see if you can get one from your local thrift store.

If there are no trunks to be found, you can also paint a large rectangular cardboard box and give it the appearance of a trunk. It should do the job just as well.

Add a Broom as an Accent Piece

Much of the Harry Potter series revolves around the game of Quidditch. Played on brooms, it’s one of the wizarding world’s most prized possessions. 

Decorate a big old-fashioned broom with fine details and place it at one of the corners of the bedroom. You can also prop it up against the wall and surround it with clear glass to recreate the first time Harry Potter laid eyes on the legendary Nimbus 2000.

Add an Invisible Bookshelf

Install an invisible bookshelf, because let’s face it, our favorite Harry Potter books need to be displayed Harry Potter-style!

Depending on the size of your bedroom and the number of books you own, you can install multiple floating shelves on the wall. Just make sure that there are no supporting brackets in sight. 

Make Flying Keys

A lot of us have keys carefully stowed away in the attic or in a box in the basement in the hope that their respective locks will somehow make an appearance. What if we tell you that you can put them to use in your design project while waiting for their matching locks to reappear?

To give your keys a Harry Potter look, cut out wings from textured white paper and stick them to the keys with glue or tape. Don’t forget to add a broken wing to replicate the scene from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Now, suspend the keys from the ceiling with clear fishing wire or thread and you’re done!

Transform Your Bedroom Door

All the doors at Hogwarts castle are protected by life-sized paintings of characters who like to move from one painting to the other and chat with everyone within its walls.

While we’ve yet to have paintings as awesome as those, we can add a life-sized poster of the painting that guards our respective dormitories. For example, someone belonging to the Gryffindor house will have a Fat Lady portrait, someone from the Slytherin House will paint their walls in the likeness of a stone wall, and so on.

Place a Stuffed Owl on Top of Your Closet

Nobody’s too young or too old for stuffed toys. Whether you’re 6 or 16, adding a stuffed replica of Harry Potter’s owl, Hedwig, will add a special touch to your Hogwarts decor. 

Add Some Lumos With Snitches

In Hogwarts, snitches don’t get stitches but players who catch them do. Lucky for you, you can get as many snitches as you want with artfully placed snitch clip lights. 

Snitch lights are the perfect addition to your bedroom walls, bedside table, or the head of your bed. If you use a bright enough light, you can even use it for reading. Talk about a magical experience! 

Which of the Hogwarts-themed decor ideas are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below.

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