PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G | GPS Tracker Review

It’s estimated that over 58,000 cars were stolen in the UK in 2022, so what can you do to keep your car safe?  A GPS tracker is a great way to keep track of your vehicle and I’ve had the PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G for the last few weeks to review.

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PAJ GPS Power Finder 4G Set UP

It’s incredibly easy to set up the GPS Tracker with no difficult technology to grasp.  The Power Finder 4G comes with the sim car already inserted, a charging cable and magnetic holder.  Simply plug it in and charge the battery for about 8 hours before using for the first time and then you’re ready to go.  Once charged, there’s a little on switch and then you just need to activate the software.

Activating the GPS Tracker

This was incredibly easy with step by step instructions on their website and complete in a matter of minutes.  Once activated you just place the GPS tracker in your vehicle or whatever you need to be able to track.

PAJ GPS Power Finder Installation

The GPS tracker is a small discrete black box, you can easily slip it into a pocket on the back of a front seat or a glove box

GPS Tracker, GPS Tracker review, vehicle GPS tracker review

If you’d like to attached it, this can be done on any flat surface. There’s a thin magnetic panel with adhesive strips.  Just stick the magnet to wherever you want it placed and then you’re able to place the tracker on and lift off easily.  This is ideal as it means you can switch the tracker between vehicles if you want to as it’s not wired into the car or van.

GPS Tracker, GPS Tracker review, vehicle GPS tracker review GPS Tracker, GPS Tracker review, vehicle GPS tracker review

How to use the GPS Tracker

The software can be viewed on PC by logging in on the website or there’s an app for smartphones and tablets so you can keep track wherever you are.  It’s very straightforward and easy to use with lots of great features.  The software allows you to keep track of your vehicle in real time.

GPS Tracker, GPS Tracker review, vehicle GPS tracker review

One feature I particularly like is that you can set up alerts.  These include if the GPS Tracker is removed, if the battery runs low, a speeding alert and also alerts when the tracker leaves or enters a predefined area that you’ve set.  I’ve tried this out and get a notification on my phone as it leaves or enters the area.

The tracker routes are recorded and stored for 365 days, making this useful beyond just keeping an eye out for if your vehicle is stolen.

Benefits of GPS Trackers

  • Peace of mind
  • Keeping track of teen drivers including their location and speed
  • Checking routes of employees for delivery routes
  • Reduce vehicle insurance costs

GPS trackers can also be used to keep track of expensive equipment and has benefits for both personal and commercial businesses.

GPS Tracker Recommendation

If you’re looking for an easy set up GPS tracker with lots of features and great tracking software, I would personally recommend PAJ GPS.




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