uSports – Multi Sports Holiday Camp Windsor

uSports offer a variety of fun and engaging holiday camps for Primary and early Secondary school children.

Our Multi-Sports camps include a wide range of sports, games and activities to provide children with as many opportunities as possible to get inspired by sport and to encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle. Find out more about the Windsor multi-sports camp.

Our Shorter Day Holiday Camps; in line with Ofsted regulations, children who are 4 years old must only attend camps for 4 hours. This is for children who are currently in Foundation/Reception and is not for any 4 year olds who are yet to start.

Age Range for camps: 4-12 years

Timings: Clubs tend to run from 9-3pm or 9-1pm for shorter clubs. Drop off time is from 8:30am with a presentation at 2:50pm which parents are welcome to watch. 4 year olds must attend 9am – 1pm. Camps do not run on Bank Holidays.

Prices: Full day camps are priced at £25 per day and shorter camps are priced at £19.50 per day. Discounts can apply such as 10% Sibling Discount; 10% Community Subscriber, and Multi-Day Discounts. Some camps also offer HAF Discounts and accept Childcare Vouchers as payment. Please check our venue specific web pages for full details.

Contact details:
Tel: 0118 449 2641


Business Name: uSports

Address: Hilltop First School, Clewer Hill Road, Windsor, SL4 4DW


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